Category Topics

Cervical screening (smear test)

A place to discuss cervical screening (smear tests), including what to expect and any concerns you may have.

Cervical screening results

A place to discuss your experience of being diagnosed with HPV or cell changes and waiting for results.

Treatment for cell changes (abnormal cells)

A place to talk about colposcopy and treatment for cervical cell changes.

Recently diagnosed with cervical cancer

A place for people who have been recently diagnosed with cervical cancer to find support.

Small cell cervical cancer

A place to connect and chat with others in the community affected by small cell cervical cancer.

Talking to your loved ones about your diagnosis

A place to get support with talking to your friends, family or children about your cancer diagnosis.

Cervical cancer treatment

A place to discuss treatments for cervical cancer, share experiences and ask questions.

Cervical cancer post treatment and side effects

Talk to others about life after cervical cancer treatment, including recovery, side effects and how you’re feeling.

Coping with menopause

Menopause as a result of treatment for cervical cancer or cell changes can be hard to deal with. Whether the menopause has just started or you are still experiencing it, this category is for you.

Changes to fertility after cell changes

A place to speak to others in the community who have had similar experiences of losing their fertility after having treatment for cell changes.

Changes to fertility after cervical cancer

If you have lost your fertility or are unsure of your options after having treatment for cervical cancer, speak with others in the community who have had similar experiences.

Coping with childlessness

A place for people unable to start a family. Share your feelings around loss of fertility and gain support from others.


A place to talk about changes to relationships, sex and intimacy after a diagnosis of cervical cancer or cell changes.


A place for people from the LGBTQ+ community to discuss all things relating to cervical screening and cervical cancer.

Supporting your partner with cervical cancer

A place to talk to and connect with other partners who understand what you’re going through.

Join private category: advanced cervical cancer

Join our private category specifically for those who are living with or beyond advanced cervical cancer (stage 4).

Fundraising and volunteering at Jo's

A place to share stories about fundraising and volunteering for Jo's. Staff will also share opportunities you can get involved with our work here.

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